Drinks & Beer

Beer/Cider Selections


14 oz – 6.50 / 20 oz – 8.75

Pilsner Stella Artois
5.0 % (Leauven, Belgium)
A touch of sweetness, dominated by grainy malt and mild corn flavor, with a light bitterness.

IPA Goose Island Beer Company
5.9% (Chicago, Illinois)
Quite simply a hop lover’s dream, with additional fruity aroma, and a dry malt middle, to ensure that the long hop finish is one to remember.

Coffee & Cacao Stout A. Keith’s Nova Scotia Brewery
6.5% (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Roasted dark malt flavours are amplified with the addition of Lunenburg laughing wale coffee and cacao coming together to create a sweet yet bold full bodied beer.

Nova Scotia Micro Brews & Cider

Traditional Craft Cider Bulwark
500 ml Bottle 5.8% (New Ross, Nova Scotia) 9.00
Moves from dry to an almost wine-like and slightly mineral fruitiness with a
nutty floral finish.

American Pale Rare Bird Craft Beer 500 ml
500 ml Bottle 7.0% (Guysborough, Nova Scotia) 9.00
An East Coast interpretation, starts with a nice hit of hops on the nose, a balance of specially selected malted barley and both English and North American hops in the middle.

Lagered Ale Tatamagouche Brewing Company
473 ml Can 4.7% (Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia) 8.50
A tribute to the traditional beer of Cologne, Germany. Top fermented like an Ale and then cold aged for a lengthy period like a lager. Crisp and refreshing, with light ale notes and lager crispness.

Extra Special Bitter Nine Locks Brewing Company
473 ml Can 5.6% (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia) 8.50
Classic English pub ale has a copper colour with an aroma of toast, honey, and pear kilned coffee and toffee, which compliments its strong malt backbone

English Ale Hell Bay Brewing Company
355 ml Bottle 5.2% (Liverpool, Nova Scotia) 7.00
A tribute to all English style ales. It has a distinct, malty toasted flavour with a medium body, which showcases a combination of
5 carefully selected malts.

American Red Temptation Red-Boxing Rock Brewing Company
341 ml bottle 6%(Shelburne, Nova Scotia) 6.50
Continuously hopped during the brew and dry hopped after fermentation this beer has a uniquely full-bodied
and rich flavour profile.

Raspberry Wheat Ale Garrison Brewing Company
341 ml bottle 4.6%(Halifax, NS) 6.50
Infused with real raspberries, this wheat ale is fruity but not sweet, light and refreshing with a crisp finish. A taste of Summer.



Russian Standard $8
Wyborowa $8
Grey Goose $8


Steinhart Distillery Blue Apothecary $8
Citadelle $8
Hendricks $8


Halifax Distilling Co JD Shore Spiced $7
Lunenburg Ironworks Bluenose Dark $9
Brugal Especial Extra Dry $7
Appleton Estates Rum Amber $7


Dark Horse Alberta Premium $7
Forty Creek Copper Pot Still $8
Crown Royal Reserve $8
Jamesons Irish Whiskey $8


Buffalo Trace $7
Bulleit $8
Knob Creek / 9yo $9

Single Malt Scotch

Glen Breton Rare 10 yr. $11
Talisker 10 yr. $11
Glenmorangie 12 yr. $14
Oban 14 yr $14


Espolon Blanco $8


 Grand Marnier $7
Drambuie $7
Amaretto $7
Kahlua $7
Baileys $7
Hennessy VS $10
Remmy Martin VSOP $14
Lunenburg Ironworks Grappa (NS) $7
Limoncello $8
FernetBranca $8
Campari $7

Cocktails – 1.5 oz 11.00

Alberta Premium Dark Horse Rye / Fernet-Branca / House Simple Syrup
stirred gently and served in a rocks glass with large cube, peeled orange slice

Buffalo Trace Bourbon / Pressed Lemon / House Maple and Rosemary Reduction
shaken well over ice and double strained into rocks glass with flamed rosemary

Forty Creek Copper Pot Still Rye / Aperol / Pressed Lemon / Acadian Maple Maple Syrup / Rhubarb Bitters / Club Soda
shaken well over ice and strained into a collins glass with club soda float, dash of rhubarb bitters & orange peel


Citadelle Gin / Campari / Steve’s House Strawberry Syrup / Lunenburg Ironworks Strawberry Liqueur
stirred well and strained into a double rocks glass with ice and orange peel

Espolon Blanco Tequila / Campari / Lime/ Grapefruit Juice / House Simple Syrup / Angostura Bitters
shaken well over ice, and double strained into a coupe glass with fleur de sel sprinkled lime wheel

Appleton Estates Rum / Fall Spice Syrup / Pressed Lemon / Valley Apple Cider / Lunenburg Ironworks Cranberry Liqueur
shaken over ice, and fine strained into collins glass with ice finished with cranberry liqueur float


Russian Standard Vodka / Bulleit Bourbon / Lemon Juice / Cherry Syrup
shake all over ice and strained into coupe glass with house bourbon cherry

Halifax Distilling Co. JD Shore Spiced Rum / Cranberry Hibiscus Tea syrup / Lime Juice / Prosecco / Valley Cranberry
shaken and strained into coupe glass with ice, topped with prosecco and garnished with cranberries and lime wheel