Seasonal Menu

(Variations may occur daily due to farm supplies & seasonality)


  • Roast field tomato soup

    herbed goat cheese & cherry tomato bruschetta

    10 GFO/V
  • Greens salad

    grilled peaches, westphalean ham, fresh mozzarella, white balsamic vinaigrette

    11 GFO/V
  • Ciro’s burrata

    “chorizo” mushrooms, shishito peppers, cherry tomatoes, basil, hot honey

    16 GFO/V
  • Duckduo of confit spring roll

    sweet & sour plum, coffee smoked duck breast, apple celeriac salad

  • General Tao pork belly

    crunchy cashew coleslaw, sesame ginger honey glaze

    11 GFO
  • Mussels

    “Normandy”, bulkwark cider rosemary cream, honeycrisp apple, focaccia

    11.5 GFO

    sweet potato, slaw, chorizo barbeque, chipotle aioli

    12.5 GFO
  • Maritime cheese plate

    apple butter, pepper jelly, crostini

    15 GFO/V


  • Pasta du Jour

  • Butcher’s cut N.S. beef

    local mushrooms, rainbow carrots,french filet beans, glazed “neeps”, charred onion, mushroom ketchup

    MP GFO
  • Martock Glen free range chicken

    corn cob polenta, double smoked bacon, sweet corn succotash, swiss chard, smoked shallot paris butter

    24 GFO
  • Caramelized sea scallops

    warm roasted sunchoke & smoked bacon salad, baby bell peppers, arugula, garlic chips

    24 GFO
  • Arctic char

    crispy salt cod croquette, rainbow beetroot,green tomato chow, swiss chard, golden beet aioli

    25 GFO
  • Lobster risotto

    braised leeks, sweet shelling peas, pecorino, pea tendril salad

  • Handmade potato gnocchi

    butternut squash, pan-roasted local mushrooms, baby courgettes, aged gouda, brown butter, sage, aged balsamic

    21 V


  • Buttered fingerling potatoes with fleur de sel & parsley

    6 GFO/V
  • Autumn squash risotto

    7 GFO/V
  • Garlic sautéed N.S. mushrooms

    8 GFO/V
  • Corn cob polenta with succotash & pecorino

    6 GFO/V
  • Caramelized sea scallops (4 oz.)

    13 GFO


  • Sticky toffee pudding

    caramel apples, vanilla bean ice cream

    9 V
  • Triple chocolate layer ganache cake


    10 V
  • Tiramisu

    9 GFO/V
  • Ice cream by the scoop & appropriate sauce

    5 GFO/V
  • Chocolate truffle

Menu Notes:

  • (GFO) Gluten Free option available on request
  • (V) Vegetarian Option
  • (MP) Market Price

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