Seasonal Menu

(Variations may occur daily due to farm supplies & seasonality)


Roasted carrot and ginger soup, raita, maple cider syrup 10 GFO/V

Kale salad, rainbow beets, Glasgow Glen Farms “bluda”, hazelnut,
white balsamic honey vinaigrette 12 GFO/V

Duo of duck charcuterie ~ duck rillettes, coffee smoked duck breast,
red pepper jelly, pear chutney, pickled asparagus, grilled focaccia 14 GFO

Ciro’s burrata, Westphalian ham, Ratinaud’ssaucisson sec,
red onion jam, pickled fiddleheads, cherry tomato, hot honey 16 GFO/VO

General Tao pork belly, crunchy cashew coleslaw, sesame ginger honey glaze 11.5 GFO

Mussels “Tikka Masala” 12 GFO

Main Plates

The Steak…grilled striploin of N.S. beef, smashed Yukon golds, Savoy Sunday gravy,
market vegetables, buttermilk onion rings MP GFO
Add sautéed N.S. mushrooms…8

Bacon wrapped smoked pork tenderloin, sweet potato puree, Alsatian braised cabbage,
cranberry apple compote, brussel sprouts, apple sauce 25 GFO

Garlic & herb roasted N.S. free range chicken, sweet pea, pancetta, & spinach risotto,
roast tomato onion compote 26 GFO

Caramelized sea scallops, spaghettini of garlic olive oil,
capers, tomato, parsley, crisped prosciutto, & pecorino 27

Butter-roast halibut, salt cod croquette, Chives’ mustard pickles, market vegetables,
Tidal Bay beurre blanc 29 GFO
Add caramelized sea scallops…14 (4 ounces)

Garden veg & lentil cabbage roll, chorizo spiced N.S. wild mushrooms,
smoked red pepper & olive oil emulsion, market vegetables 24 GFO/V

Plus see our board for daily appetizer and main specials!


English sticky toffee pudding, mulled cider apples, spiced rum ice cream 10 V

Chives’ signature warm dark chocolate cake, candied cranberry sauce,
French vanilla ice cream 10 GFO/V

Earl grey tea crème brûlée, lemon almond shortbread 9.5 GFO/V

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