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Chef Craig Flinn has authored three cookbooks in the “Fresh” series.


Fresh & Frugal: Easy and affordable recipes for market-fresh local food!

Fresh & Frugal is Craig’s third and most recent cookbook.

Think this whole fresh food thing is only for the chichi yuppies next door? Author and top Canadian chef Craig Flinn heard that objection from lots of people who love his previous cookbooks – but told him they can’t cook with expensive fresh and local ingredients every night.

Chef Craig took that response as a challenge: how to cook with market fresh local ingredients that you can easily put together without breaking the bank.

These recipes have been tested by home cooks and adapted to meet busy schedules and modest budgets. The full-colour photography and preparation times listed for each recipe will help the average home cook chef it up like a pro in no time at all.

Fresh Canadian Bistro: Top Canadian chefs share their favourite recipes

Fresh Canadian Bistro is Craig’s second cookbook.

Top chefs across Canada are reinventing bistro cooking, using the best of seasonal, local ingredients in creative menus with innovative, affordable dishes that are relatively simple to prepare. Catering to the way that Canadians are shopping and cooking now, the recipes in Fresh Canadian Bistro showcase the quality and flavours of market fresh and locally obtained seafood, meats, vegetables and fruit.

Craig Flinn has persuaded many of Canada’s leading chefs to share some of their best recipes for this collection. Among the 35 contributors are Michael Smith (Food Network); Jamie Kennedy (Jamie Kennedy Kitchens, Toronto); Ned Bell (Cabana Grill, Kelowna); Martin Ruis Salvador (Fleur de Sel, Lunenburg); Paul Rogalski (Rouge, Calgary); Antony Walsh (Canoe, Toronto); and Michael Stadtlander (Eigensinn Farm, Singhampton).

The 80 recipes have been tested and adapted for home use. To stress the commitment to fresh local ingredients, they are keyed to the appropriate season.


Fresh & Local: Straight from Canadian farms to your table.

Fresh & Local is Craig’s first cookbook.

Cooking with the best of local ingredients, in season, is a sure way to enjoy the best flavours, as chef Craig Flinn knows. He has been an early and enthusiastic advocate of fresh and local.

In this book Craig shares over 100 of his best recipes; dishes that have been menu staples at Chives Canadian Bistro since its opening in 2001. All of the recipes have been carefully tested and adapted for home use. Included is a selection of delicious, affordable dishes, and more indulgent elegant dinner party fare. Recipes are indexed by season for quick reference.

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